Beaten half to death by an incarnate, Miljkovic's deep grudge motivated him to join Akohr. Yet when he awoke as an incarnate himself on a mission, he knew it was too dangerous to return. He became a fugitive for some time, and when he was ultimately captured, he reclaimed his freedom by force using his impressive destructive abilities.

In time, he met a woman interested in those abilities--and in purchasing information on the mysterious boy whose powers had spontaneously awakened Miljkovic as an incarnate. This woman, Asha Mehta, spoke of a world ruled by incarnates. Miljkovic was quick to join her.

In her employ, he would never lack for targets against which to work out his frustrations. What's more, he was sure she would prove useful in his quest for vengeance against Akohr.

Move list Edit

  • Ranged attack (stun): Throws a lump of lava that stuns the enemy on contact.
  • Special move 1 (lava): Sucks in and devours enemies and their ranged attacks. Any enemy Loki eats is spat out trapped in a ball of lava.
  • Special move 2: Fires a giant explosion of lava at the enemy. Hold the buttons to charge the attack for added power and splash damage.
  • Character ability power: Pulls out and gorges on junk food. Use this action to charge Loki's calorie gauge and strengthen his attacks.
  • N + melee attack (fire; transformed): Unleashes a series of powerful punches. Press ↑ + Melee Attack during the combo to make the ground erupt and launch the enemy in the air. Executing ↑ + Melee Attack while transformed will set the enemy on fire.
  • ←→ + melee attack: Clotheslines the enemy from the side before slamming him into the ground.
  • ↑ + melee attack (tag combo launcher): Grabs and traps the enemy in a ball of lava before hurling it away.
  • ↓ + melee attack (tag combo launcher): Jumps up and body slams the enemy.
  • Tag combo - ranged: Quickly throws a ball of lava at the enemy.
  • Tag combo - melee: Turns the enemy into a giant pizza and devours him, greatly restoring his calorie gauge.
  • Awakening: Fills the calorie gauge completely, Special Move 1's range is greatly increased, all moves acquire Super Armor and Loki's partner acquires Super Armor during melee attacks.

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Loki Official Character Introduction in Rise of Incarnates (ESRB)

Loki Official Character Introduction in Rise of Incarnates (ESRB)

Rise of Incarnates

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