The Wild Hunt is a covert American force of incarnate hunters working to apprehend unregistered incarnates. Answering directly to President Sanders, the squad is led by Erendira Quinn, who was scouted through the Phantom Unit program.

Named after the phantasmal hunt of legend, the squadron now lives up to the moniker by stalking and spiriting away its incarnate prey in the dead of night. Due to America's vast size, several sub-squads exist, though none can compare in firepower to the First Squadron, personally commanded by Quinn herself.

Though the squad's existence is a military secret unknown to the general populace, any with the misfortune to learn of their activities call them "the incarnate hunters" in fearful whispers.

The true purpose of the Wild Hunt lies in the coming clash between the United States and an unidentified person called "the Prophet." President Sanders believes that greater numbers of incarnates will be needed in order to emerge victorious--a fact disclosed only to Quinn. The other members of the unit believe their actions serve only to preserve law and order through the proper management of incarnates.

Over the course of his investigations into a string of disappearances, Terrence Blake learns that the victims are likely unregistered incarnates--his brethren--and swears to see them found. When he learns these "incarnate hunts" are the work of the government, he leaves the Phantom Unit and severs ties with the US military.

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