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The United States' Phantom Unit is not the only project of its kind. Just as fear of the incarnates' abilities is a global phenomenon, the desire to harness it is equally universal.

The EU's attempt to militarize their incarnate population is quickly closing the gap with that of their counterparts across the Atlantic. The Were-Legion, an experimental strike force primarily under British command, has quickly accrued a tally of successful missions that would have been unthinkable using conventional human soldiers. Comprised entirely of soldiers who awakened as incarnates while in military service, all Legion members have since officially been declared deceased. As the name suggests, many of their numbers possess shapeshifting abilities.

As with the Phantom Unit, the Legion's existence is a closely-kept secret; even the name itself is known only to a precious few. The expectations of their commanders in the top echelons of the EU are great--almost as great as the fear inspired in those same commanders by the Legion's extreme deadliness and notorious difficulty to control.

Evidence suggests that France's navy once attempted a similar project, but unlike the Were-Legion, test subjects used in those experiments ultimately deserted--the result of a string of intentional suicide missions ordered by their superiors as fear began to outweigh expectations. One rumor holds that the figure leading the experiment in fact held strong anti-incarnate beliefs. Perhaps the failure of the unit was part of an intentional effort to debunk the notion that incarnates' powers can be harnessed for constructive use. If nothing else, it serves as a testament that human-incarnate relations seldom go smoothly.

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