Headquartered in India, the Vikarāla Corporation is among the world's top media empires. Known also for its philanthropic work, the corporation reestablished the information infrastructure in the wake of the disasters and issued communications terminals to the population free of charge, earning them worldwide plaudits. Asha Mehta, the daughter of Vikarāla's founder, inherited control of the megacorp at a young age, and remains a household name.

Originally earning its wealth in the radio and television industry, the corporation joined the internet era a step behind, losing their primacy as a result. Following Asha's appointment as CEO, however, Vikarāla sank its capital into new information technologies and soon rocketed back into the global lead. Quick to adopt new fields ever since, the corporation now has a hand in an impressive range of enterprises. Though known the world over for its products and services as a megacorp today, the company also possesses another, less-known face.

Asha's status as an incarnate proved a key feature in the corporation's remarkable turnaround. Her goal: a society in which incarnates hold total domination over average humans; her logic, that the weak ought naturally be ruled by the strong. Her vision gave rise to the "Domesticated-human Project." As the name suggests, non-incarnates were seen as resources to be harvested. Step by step, preparations were laid, and when cube phenomena and the global disasters disabled the world's communications, the plan was put into action. In monopolizing the tech restoration effort, Vikarāla held the intelligence world's heart in its grip. With the exception of the few major governments able to salvage some portion of their infrastructure, all information now passed through the Vikarāla Corporation. Even in those nations that maintained some autonomy, that extended only as far as government affairs. Private citizens the world over were now entirely dependent on Vikarāla's technology to live. Asha essentially held the whole world hostage, making any public challenge to the corporation impossible.

Using the corporation's three satellites, she could disseminate a special signal to the entire globe. That signal would then reach a receiver built into every piece of Vikarāla tech and be played in proximity to its user. Able to place non-incarnates into a temporary hypnotic state, that signal ultimately allowed the corporation to sort incarnates from normal citizens within any region on earth. After several rounds of tests, Vikarāla began sending that signal at regular intervals and collecting the resulting data--data which would prove a powerful catalyst in advancing their grand plan.

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