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The "Sovereign" is considered to be only person with the single greatest influence on the state of the world, and this person would unwittingly be guiding humanity down a path toward its end.

In reality, this Sovereign is the only person that can Earth from the Prophet's ambition for total domination.

Gordon Sanders?[]

It has been said that Oswald Coleman harbors a daimon within him known as "The Prophet". The Prophet is said to hold the power to end humanity and forcibly reset time. Knowing this, Sanders perceives the Prophet to be a sworn enemy of mankind, and will stop at nothing to destroy the daimones.

The Prophet spoke to the minds of each incarnate gifted with great power that the one known as "The Sovereign" would lead the world to its destruction - and Sanders believes he is the Sovereign.

His claim is far from unfounded: he represents mankind in the present age, at a moment that will decide history as we know it. He is the President of the United States. His position grants him the ability to avoid turmoil. Surely he is worthy of the title of "Sovereign"?

Despite countless Incarnates seeking the Sovereign's life, Sanders has maneuvered adeptly while bringing incarnates of considerable power to his side. Sanders was convinced that only incarnates have the power to destroy Daimones, given that they were the source of all incarnate powers.

"Mankind will unite to end the Prophet!"

With this battle cry, Sanders would eventually begin what became known as "The Prophet War".


The Prophet - The Sovereign

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