Stages are the battlefields within Rise of Incarnates.

Locations Edit



The Houses of Parliament tower over this stage, while the entire ground has been decimated by eruptions of lava. Players will fight on the lava-hardened Thames River and Westminster Bridge.

New YorkEdit


A standard rectangular stage with a fully destructible environment. There are few platforms, allowing you to overlook the stage from any position. The red bleachers and the trailer can take considerable punishment and can provide temporary cover in the heat of battle.



This circular stage surrounds the Arc de Triomphe, which can be destroyed. You will have to fight around and within the Arc de Triomphe while taking cover from enemy attacks. Once destroyed, you must adapt your strategy as you can use the remaining pillars as cover but also climb on to use them as vantage points.

San FranciscoEdit


San Francisco, home of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, has been transformed into a city of ice from an extraordinary supernatural disaster. The bridge sits center stage with surrounding fallen jet planes and carriers that can be utilized as obstacles or destroyed for a clear path.

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