With the Skill Grid System players can equip skill cubes infused with a broad range of powerful enhancements. This unlocks once the player (not necessarily the character) reaches level five.

Additional skill grids may be purchased with IP.

Overview Edit

  1. This is the Skill Grid where players can set skill cubes. The effects the skill cubes will have when equipped can be confirmed here.
  2. This is a list of all equipped skill cubes. The amount equipped can be confirmed on this screen.
  3. This is a list of all skill cubes in the player's inventory.

Equipping Edit

  1. Select a skill cube to equip from inventory, take it to an open spot on the grid and right-click or use the appropriate controller button to equip.
  2. Use the mouse wheel to rotate the skill cube while equipping it.
  3. To remove, select the equipped cube and right-click or use the appropriate controller button.

Discarding Edit

  1. Left-click the trash bin to the right of the skill cube list.
  2. Left-click the desired skill cube.
  3. Confirm
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