Rise of Incarnates Timeline
Pre-20th century
  • Presumably the Prophet smuggles lamina through time via the "Terminal Being" with each destruction of the timeline.
18th century
Incarnates were focus of stories and myth
  • Labeled as sorcerers, witches, shamans, miracle workers, even demigods
  • A written account exists of two "wizards" warring - the result of their powers closely mirrors the cube phenomenon, lasting for three seconds
World War II
Incarnates were known to exist since at least the early 20th century
  • Germany's super soldier experiments
  • German-British paranormal battles waged by Karl Ernst Krafft and Louis de Wohl
  • Japanese attempt on President Roosevelt's life via ritual curses
  • Research quietly continued after the war's end, exploring both the incarnates' military uses as well as applications in medicine and other fields
  • The term daimon was coined by Dr. Balzac; he was also the first human to attempt direct communication with a daimon
ROI Story Daimones
21st century (present day)
  • Ninth attempt to avert Earth's destruction begins.
  • Dr. Sakaki discovers lamina and dedicates his life to studying it.
  • Asha Mehta gains control of the Vikarāla Corporation.
  • The cube phenomenon occurs, leading researchers to investigate ways to either negate or amplify incarnates' powers, depending on their government or corporation's agenda.
  • Three devastating disasters occur at locations of several cubes, causing massive population shifts as people abandon areas where other cubes have been found.
  • Second New York and Neo Kowloon are new cities raised as a result of populations fleeing.
  • The "Good Samaritan", a mysterious incarnate, helps at disaster areas, saving those he can.
  • Akohr rises to power amid growing fear of incarnates.
  • Oswald Coleman is "assassinated"
  • The Global Restoration Effort begins.
  • Founded as part of an experimental incarnate deployment program, the Phantom Unit existed before Sanders's presidency began.
  • Terrence Blake joins the Phantom Unit.
  • The Were-Legion is likely created in Europe.
  • France attempts its own incarnate program, but it ultimately fails.
Story 13 0
President Sanders
  • Official records state there are currently 3,561 registered incarnates worldwide, but fear of the persecution that awaits identified incarnates means the true figure is likely closer to 10,000.
  • A number of high-profile crimes and terrorist attacks have brought Incarnates to the forefront of public consciousness.
  • A covert American force of incarnate hunters working to apprehend unregistered incarnates. Answering directly to President Sanders, the Wild Hunt is led by Erendira Quinn, who was scouted through the Phantom Unit program.
  • Research into their abilities from both a military and domestic security stance has risen to high priority.
  • Registered incarnates are secretly tagged with microchips, allowing authorities to track their location and any use of their powers.
  • All children are subjected to mandatory screenings at birth to ensure a complete database of potential incarnates.
  • Terrence Blake leaves the Phantom Unit due to investigation into the Wild Hunt and their activities.
  • The Vikarāla Corporation rises to power as an information monopoly. Ishin Asakura becomes an incarnate following the death of his partner at the hands of the corporation. With Yuki Himuro he forms the Asakura Detective Agency.
  • As the restoration efforts diminish, the Good Samaritan all but disappears.
  • The Wild Hunt begins pursuing the Prophet's heralds.
  • The Prophet is able to psychically disable the tracking chips within the incarnates.
22nd century
Sakaki's Lamina Theory successfully realized
  • Lamina was able to respond to its user's mind to produce a variety of effects
  • Chief among its uses was weaponry
23rd century
  • Humans who had amplified their psychic abilities using lamina made successful contact with daimones.
Mid 32nd century
  • Earth was destroyed by human hands.
  • Birth of the Prophet.
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