Founded as part of an experimental incarnate deployment program, the Unit existed even before Sanders's presidency began. In its early days, it was intended as an incubator for agents able to use paranormal abilities. Graduates from the program were then placed in a variety of agencies based on their aptitudes. An extremely small-scale operation by its very nature, the Phantom Unit was kept a closely-guarded secret.

These days, the Unit is comprised of Terrence Blake and a handful of other incarnates, and is led by a non-incarnate named Mackenzie. Initially staffed by incarnates forcibly assembled by the US government, early members were resistant to say the least. But through a year of patient, sincere communication, Mackenzie gradually earned their trust and ultimately their affection, a fact attested by his nickname in the unit, "Pops." In return, he has served as a buffer between the Unit and higher-ups who frequently view incarnates as less than human.

Following its initial success, the project shifted into its second phase. Ever since, the Phantom Unit has served as a model for how these men and women's incredible powers can be used for the good of the nation and its citizens.

Unit members include individuals like Blake who hold a strong pro-incarnate philosophy, as well as those like Erendira Quinn who are understanding of the government's position and eager to assist in the implementation of its policies. With Sanders' ascent to the presidency placing an incarnate at the pinnacle of American power, the expectations placed on the Phantom Unit have risen, and with them its importance. It has also served to draw increased international attention to its activities. To those who count the United States as an enemy, the Phantom Unit is a dangerous foe--and a high-priority target.


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