Rumor tells of a curious boy able to awaken others as incarnates simply by being nearby, with no need for that person to be exposed to mortal danger.

At first, it was little more than an urban legend: more superstitious fuel for the fire of anti-incarnate fear. But those who aspire to power in this new, unstable world know that every superstition, however fringe or unlikely, is worth a thorough investigation when it pertains to incarnates and their abilities--and this world has no shortage of ambitious organizations. The intentional creation of incarnates had been attempted, of course, but the failures of Dr. Watteau's experiments were typical of all such ventures. If the tales of this boy were true, it could mean a monopoly, and all the profits and power that entailed.

It was not long before his existence was proven. Believed to be an incarnate himself, the boy is a wanderer who shuns contact with others. The world's power brokers have other plans, however, and even now their agents are engaged in a heated race to claim him for their own.

The first recorded use of Kanat's awakening abilities was with Ricardo Abascal. The two travel together, Ricardo having taken it upon himself to protect the boy.

Rise of Incarnates

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