The Prophet's aim is to change the future, and in truth the present day is already far altered by his influence. It was he who brought the laminae back with him. He who indirectly brought about the disasters ravaging the world. What's more, a new form of being now lurks in the shadows... Born of the Prophet and his incarnate, Oswald Coleman, to act as their agents, these creations are what the daimon calls his heralds.

A vast number of heralds were made by the time of Coleman's shooting, scattered across the globe. At a glance, they seem no different from any other organism, exhibiting the same appearance, the same behaviors. But they are not, strictly speaking, living things. Most resemble humans, while others take the shape of small animals, birds, or insects, and still others bear more monstrous forms.

Those appearing human have largely blended into the societies around them. Some even have artificial memories and are wholly unaware of the true nature of their existence. Even so, the purpose of that existence remains to do the Prophet's bidding: to disseminate laminae to incarnates and steer history toward the Prophet's desired outcome.

Since declaring the Prophet a threat, the United States government has captured a number of these heralds, and subsequent experiments have yielded a way to identify them. Wild Hunt, the special unit tasked with rounding up unidentified incarnates, has begun hunting heralds as well. The pressure is high, as each new herald apprehended limits the Prophet's reach while also offering potentially vital clues in the search for a way to destroy the daimon for good.

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