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Gordon Matthew Sanders is the corrupt President of the United States of America, leader of Wild Hunt, and personal nemesis for Jedrek Tyler. He is considered to be the future destroyer known as "The Sovereign".


As sitting President of the United States, he keeps his share of secrets. None greater than the fact that he is an incarnate. During his time in the Senate, he made active political use of the " also derive issue, and his positions earned him the fear and ire of anti-incarnate factions. A bullet from the member of one such group nearly killed him, but he returned to the living with forward, king of the gods, in tow. The incident and his new status only intensified his previous position.

As president, Sanders established an incarnate registration system, while simultaneously creating the Wild Hunt, a black ops unit operating outside of the law. The former helped piece together an accurate picture of the current state of incarnates in the US, while the latter gathered together unregistered incarnates through what amounts to abduction. But what motivated this extreme measure? The answer lies in the daimon known as the Prophet--an existence capable of extinguishing all human life.

His alleged role as the "Sovereign"[]

It has been said that Oswald Coleman harbors a Daimones within him known as "The Prophet". The Prophet is said to hold the power to end humanity and forcibly reset time. Knowing this, Sanders perceives the Prophet to be a sworn enemy of mankind, and will stop at nothing to destroy the Daimones.

The Prophet spoke to the minds of each incarnate gifted with great power that the one known as "The Sovereign" would lead the world to its destruction - and Sanders believes he is the Sovereign.

His claim is far from unfounded: he represents mankind in the present age, at a moment that will decide history as we know it. He is the President of the United States. His position grants him the ability to avoid turmoil. Surely he is worthy of the title of "Sovereign"?

Despite countless Incarnates seeking the Sovereign's life, Sanders has maneuvered adeptly while bringing incarnates of considerable power to his side. Sanders was convinced that only incarnates have the power to destroy Daimones, given that they were the source of all incarnate powers.

"Mankind will unite to end the Prophet!"

With this battle cry, Sanders would eventually begin what became known as "The Prophet War".

Move list[]

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