As a member of the secret society Akohr and a firm believer in its tenets, Duran serves in their squad of assassins--a professional incarnate-killer. Raised in an orphanage operated by an Akohr affiliate, he grew into a proud warrior and an unquestioning ideologue.

Duran's incarnate hunting career took a turn one day when he was selected to take part in one of Akohr's new experiments. The organization had retrieved a lamina from a recently eliminated target, and their logic was simple: fight fire with fire. If their non-incarnate assassin could be made to wield this enigmatic weapon, it would mean an exponential leap in firepower. And so Duran underwent body modification to enable him to harness the power of the demons he stalks.

Move list[edit | edit source]

  • Ranged Attack: Fires rounds of bullets from his wrist mounted machine gun.
  • Special Move 1: (Stun) Fires a stunning needle shot.
  • Special Move 2: Activates his camouflage mechanism, rendering him invisible to the enemy. Enemy homing attacks will not lock on while this move is activated.
  • Character Unique Action: (Knock Down) Leaps onto the enemy and disables an enemy attack before smashing them to the ground. Enter a direction while grabbing the enemy to choose which attack to disable.
  • N + Melee Attack: Slashes the enemy up to 3 times with his twin blades.
  • ←→ + Melee Attack: Sidesteps before ripping into the enemy up to 3 times with his twin blades. Can be followed up with a Ranged Attack.
  • ↑ + Melee Attack: (Tag Combo Starter) Performs a quick heel drop and somersault kick to initiate a Tag Combo. Can be followed up with another melee attack.
  • ↓ + Melee Attack: (Stun, Tag Combo Starter) Stuns and pulls in the enemy with wires. Can be followed up with any other melee attack.
  • Tag Combo - Ranged: Finishes a Tag Combo by firing a hail of needle shots into the enemy.
  • Tag Combo - Melee: Finishes a Tag Combo by drawing himself towards the enemy with wires and unleashing a fierce barrage of attacks.
  • Awakening: Action gauge consumption rate decreases for you and your partner. Enemy long-range attacks are more likely to miss. Tag combo damage is increased.

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