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A childhood of abuse at the hands of her father ended the day she awoke as an incarnate. Fear of retribution for his violence led the man to take his own life a few years later. Already isolated by her status as an incarnate, Quinn faced further alienation as she was passed from orphanage to orphanage, ultimately ending up at a facility run by the United States federal government.

Dreaming of a society in which incarnates could coexist with normal humans free from discrimination, she began to seek out ways to contribute towards the greater good of the world. Yet headlines about incarnate crimes and acts of terror indelibly marked her kind as a threat to be feared by the general public. Her frustrations grew into a deep resentment of the rampaging incarnates, and she came to believe that the tremendous power incarnates hold required an even more powerful system of law and justice to restrain it. She found that power as commander of the Wild Hunt.

Moves list[]

  • Ranged Attack: A simple shot that fires an aura projectile from your gun-lance.
  • Special Move 1 (Stun): A wide-angled projectile attack that fires a horizontal shock wave.
  • Special Move 2: Stabs opponent with the gun-lance and flings them away, dealing significant damage.
  • Character Ability Power: Switches to Drive mode. All movement is raised to dash speed, and you can use quick movements and various special attacks. Also erects a barrier to block projectile attacks from the front.
  • ←→ + Melee Attack: A melee attack that swings around to the enemy's side, allowing you to evade incoming projectiles. This is also an effective way to sidestep an enemy's guard.
  • N + Melee - ↑ + Melee Attack (Tag Combo Launch): A simple 2-hit attack. Press the short-range attack button again to hurl the opponent into the air and set up a Tag Combo.
  • ↓ + Melee Attack: Pops a wheelie and leaps into the air, evading enemy projectiles and crushing the enemy under your rear tire. Especially useful for ambushing the enemy from above.
  • Tag Combo - Ranged: Finishes a Tag Combo by hurling your motorcycle at the enemy like a projectile for massive damage.
  • Tag Combo - Melee: Finishes a Tag Combo by crushing the enemy under your rear tire for maximum damage.
  • Awakening: Action gauge consumption rate decreases for you and your partner. Enemy long-range attacks are more likely to miss. Tag combo damage is increased.


Erendina's rank within the Wild Hunt is "Commander" (CDR).




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