Emily is the girlfriend of Jedrek Tyler. After they crashed within gang-controlled territory, Jedrek unleashed Mephistopheles for the first time. Pursued by the Wild Hunt thereafter, Emily was captured by the organization. Finding and rescuing her is Jedrek's sole mission.

But unbeknownst to her, she is fact a Herald sent by the Prophet, as well as an imitation of the original Emily Sanders, the deceased daughter of Gordon Sanders.

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Story30 Emily

During her time with Jedrek, Emily's memory was often clouded and she did not appear to have any living relatives. She was captured during an operation designed to arrest unregistered incarnates. Though her lover, Jedrek, was a former gang member proficient in various arms, he was no match for the tactical capabilities of the military unit Wild Hunt.

In truth, Emily exists as a Herald for the Prophet brought to awaken Jedrek's true power. Jedrek is the ancestor of "The Terminal Being", destined to gather and lead the incarnates in the battle to end the world. Drawn to his latent powers, the Prophet sought out Jedrek above all others.

Emily was sent to Jedrek by the Prophet and succeeded in becoming Jedrek's lover. However, she has no knowledge of why she exists or that she is the Herald. Emily believes she is a normal human being, and is not aware that she is part of a far greater scheme.

During the 8th failure - in other words, the last reset - she was known as "Martha" and had a different appearance. In this era, the Prophet gave her both the name and appearance of Sanders' deceased daughter, but the real Emily Sanders perished during the natural disasters caused by the Prophet's last time shift.

The Prophet did this with the intention of provoking a powerful response from Jedrek and Sanders, and to gain a slight advantage in the battle against the Sovereign. Unfortunately, his actions did not yield the results he had expected, as he only succeeded in giving Sanders stronger resolve to bring down the Prophet at all costs - even if it means ending his "daughter's" life.

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