Amid the chaos caused by cube phenomena and the disasters in their wake, one death stuck out: that of the leader of an influential American cult, assassinated by a sniper. The event came to be termed the Coleman Incident, after its victim.

Oswald Coleman, the cult's founder, claimed that the phenomena befalling the earth marked the beginning of the world's end, mere harbingers of the destruction to come. It is thought that his efforts to stoke people's fears and manipulate their minds were the first stage in a coup d'etat. It is true, at least, that he did gather a great number of followers, delaying reconstruction efforts across the United States. As a result, many suspect that his assassin was likely hired by the US government.

Though the truth of the matter is unclear, the fact that the assassin was never caught, and that Coleman's body went missing shortly after add an air of mystery to the incident. It sparked a spate of books, and people everywhere eagerly debated the theories, while the remaining cultists brought suit against the authors for libel. Perhaps the greatest enigma addressed in these works was the vanishing corpse. Some claimed those in the government who had ordered the hit collected Coleman's body to suppress any evidence, while others said it was the cultists who had spirited away their fallen leader in order to give him a secret burial.

Given the drastically impaired communications infrastructure, it is difficult to think anyone truly had a complete view of the facts, save for the US government. If it is true that they authored, executed, then covered up this plot, it is a given that any external inquiries into the matter would meet with swift suppression. By their hand or not, the matter remains unsolved.

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