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Within Akhor there are two pillars of power - ideology and management.

Akhor's objective: the elimination of all Incarnates. To this end, blood must be spilled and money is essential. Even so, one man with very different intentions grew to control all the finances within Akhor through careful manipulation.

Although their anti-incarnate sentiment was not especially strong, Dr. Sakaki and Dr. Balzac came to Akhor looking for the means to continue their work as scientists. An Akhor member approached them with the funds for their project and handed over the data Akhor had amassed on incarnates - before the organization would ultimately collapse. That benefactor was Clifford McGregor.

Clifford was formerly with MI6 and remains an expert in the field of intelligence gathering. Some believe he may also be an incarnate, but these claims remain little more than baseless rumor.

Using Akhor's science division for his own ends, Clifford oversaw the secret development of the Deux Ex Machina prototype, a project kept secret from even MI6. One of the prototypes was Vikarāla's Matrikas unit which would eventually terrorize the world in the "Human Domestication" project. Clifford's allegiances remain unknown. Since the UK would not be spared by Vikarāla's plans, either Asha Mehta does not know Clifford's true identity, or Clifford is not the loyal agent he appears to be.

Initially Asha and Clifford were disgusted to learn of Watteau's successful experiments in awakening incarnate powers. Both were resentful towards a world in which incarnates could be awoken so easily. Their answer was to secretly sabotage his work, with the Matrikas unit offered by Clifford to Vikarāla as a reward. True to form, Asha sought to awaken and control only those with exceptional talent, but the reasons behind Clifford's resistance to increasing the incarnate population remained a mystery. Perhaps his motivations will be revealed once he steps out from the shadows...

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