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A woman of two faces. As the young CEO of media giant Vikarāla Corporation, she earned accolades for her considerable work in the post-disaster global reconstruction effort. Vikarāla immediately stepped in to distribute handheld communication devices around the world free of cost, netting the company widespread good will.

But behind closed doors, she spearheads the domesticated-human project, a vision of the future in which incarnates reign over the powerless masses. Needless to say, Asha counts herself among the ranks of the former.

She has raised a private army using her company's massive wealth, while the worldwide monopoly on communications traffic that Vikarāla's relief efforts secured makes wiretapping and information control a simple task. No one has yet been able to stop her from launching her grand plan, and even now she presses forward unimpeded by the global leaders' growing fear and resentment.

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Her followers call her Rani, the Hindi word for "lady."

Move list[edit | edit source]

  • Ranged Attack: When Kali is attached, flings chakrams at the enemy. When separated, Kali follows up with a ball of energy.
  • Special Move 1: Kali fires a hail of energy beams. Input with a direction to attack the enemy with a typhoon.
  • Special Move 2 (Tag Combo Starter): Kali holds the enemy in place to set up a Tag Combo. Input with a direction to unleash a barrage of sword attacks on the enemy.
  • Character Ability Power: Switches between fighting with Kali attached or separately. Input with a direction to move Kali.
  • N + Melee Attack: When Kali is attached, hits the enemy three times in quick succession. When separated, rapidly spins her chakrams, scything into the enemy. Mash the buttons for added damage.
  • ←→ + Melee Attack: When Kali is attached, rounds the enemy and Kali hits three times with her weapons. When separated, Kali hits the enemy with her chakrams three times.
  • ↑ + Melee Attack (Tag Combo Starter): Launches the enemy into the air with Kali's weapons.
  • ↓ + Melee Attack (Tag Combo Starter): Asha kicks the enemy into the air, even when they are on the ground. If pressed during any other melee combo, Kali spears the enemy multiple times from above. Mash the buttons for added damage.
  • Tag Combo - Ranged: Kali fires a powerful beam of energy at the enemy.
  • Tag Combo - Melee: Kali slashes the enemy repeatedly before spearing them into the ground.
  • Awakening: Your team's movement speed increases and all Special Moves have Tag Combo Starter effects.

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