As a veteran member of the international police force, Ishin Asakura had a long list of solved cases to his name. Characterized by methodical investigations, lightning-quick decision making, and the overpowering strength of his iaido swordplay, his was a style unique among his peers. As a result, he frequently worked alone, a fact the natural loner very much appreciated.

It was not until one year ago that he met someone worthy of calling his partner. A fellow native of Japan, Himuro was the first officer to be able to keep up with Asakura's pace. Together, they investigated the Indian megacorp Vikarāla, alleged to keep its own private army. Upon infiltrating the company to verify those claims, they encountered weaponry the likes of which neither had ever seen. When that fearsome arsenal was trained on them, they had no choice but to flee. The injuries sustained in the process ultimately claimed Himuro's life and left Asakura badly injured. His vengeful desire for the ability to cut through even the hardest steel reached Susano-o, the mightiest of Japan's ancient pantheon, and Asakura awakened as an incarnate.

As soon as his injuries healed, he returned to his investigation, swearing that his partner's death would not be in vain. Yet he was quickly met with heavy pressure from above--clearly the work of Vikarāla's money. Unable to trust in the justice of the police any longer, Asakura severed his ties with the force, using his connections and raw determination to establish a private detective agency.

But even away from the police, his erstwhile colleagues kept him firmly in their sight. Both the international police and Japanese law enforcement kept a close eye on his activities, half due to continuing pressure from his former superiors, and half to suspicions that he was set on revenge. Those suspicions were well founded.

Despite their prying eyes, he steadily gathered information and equipment. Just days before he was set to depart the country, a visitor came calling: Yuki Himuro, the only daughter of his fallen partner...

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