With time, fear of incarnates gave rise to an anti-incarnate movement. Desperate to defend themselves against the lengthening list of crimes perpetrated by berserk incarnates, people have come to justify preemptive strikes against these supernatural menaces as the only solution. Leading the charge in this sentiment are the members of a secret society known as Akohr. United in the belief that incarnates are demons wholly separate from humanity, their final aim inexorably turned to total incarnate extinction. This call to genocide proved a bridge too far for the general populace, who have branded the group as dangerous extremists, but many in positions of power around the world remain members in secret today.

As an ideological group, Akohr became a gathering place for manpower, technology, and capital free of the restrictions of nationality or social class. The society's resources were all poured into the research and development of weaponry capable of overcoming incarnates. In truth, many of its more influential members were more interested in that wealth and might than in Akohr's philosophy. They hold the true reins of the organization, with Akohr's zealous leader serving as little more than a figurehead. While a charismatic demagogue may have been enough to mobilize the group in its infancy, an organization of Akohr's current scale requires business professionals to operate.

Under their profit-driven management, Akohr has become a driving force in the world economy, not to mention a hotbed of intrigue. Its leaders live in uncertainty, yet they are unable to put the genie of Akohr back in its bottle. Many of the engineers and technicians in the society's employ are in similar situations: members of Akohr chiefly because it allows them to conduct their research as they desire. In the end, only the rank-and-file members retain a strong ideological bent, firmly believing even now that they are locked in a holy war against the root of all worldly evil.

Whatever the motives, Akohr has nurtured a potent fighting force. Within the society, these skilled assassins are known as "Slayers." Honed through Akohr's cutting-edge training program and armed with the world's most advanced weaponry, they are united in a single purpose: the eradication of all incarnates. Recent evidence suggests some of Akohr's masters have drafted lists of problem members within the organization for the Slayers to purge, but at the present time, it appears the killers have yet to target anyone other than incarnates.

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